Here you’ll know the Getaways to Danish Islands

Denmark is a top destination for island hopping. Here you’ll find more than 400 named islands (72 of them inhabited) and tons of beautiful harbors and quiet beaches to escape to. Most of the small islands can be reached by ferryboat any time of the year. Below you’ll find 12 of our small favorites.


Yet another popular Kattegat island, on Samsø you’ll find several beautiful sandy beaches, great fishing opportunities, and a flat landscape that makes it perfect for a holiday by bike. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday in quiet surroundings, Samsø is a great pick.


Ærø is Danish hygge at its best, with cobbled streets, cozy squares, narrow alleys, and colorful old houses. The island’s capital, Ærøskøbing, is known as Denmark’s fairy tale town and is the best preserved Danish town from the Middle Ages.


Læsø is the biggest island in The Kattegat Sea, situated right between Fredrikshavn, Denmark and Gothenberg, Sweden. This special island is famous for its sea salt, eelgrass roofs, and delicious lobster, and is a very popular destination to visit by sailboat.


Anholt is a paradise in the middle of The Kattegat Sea. It’s an island that’s hard to forget. Halfway between Sweden and Denmark, it’s perhaps the country’s most isolated island community. This wonderful island also has a no-car policy and is the home of Denmark’s only desert.


Avernakø is one of the most popular islands in the South Funen Archipelago. Explore the islands three small cities, unspoiled nature, beautiful forests, and rolling hills. With 19 kilometers of coastline, there are also plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach.

Christiansø/ Fredriksø

Time seems to stop on the small islands at Denmark’s easternmost point. The old fortress looks exactly like it did when it was built by King Christian V in 1680 and there is not a single car to be found on the island.


Fanø is situated in the middle of The Wadden Sea. The island is home to Sønderho, known as Denmark’s most beautiful village, as well as a long sandy beach that stretches along the entire length of the island.

The Smålands Archipelago consists of three very special islands. Fejø is known as Denmark’s “fruit island,” nearby Femø is famous for its jazz festival, and the small island of Askø timidly floats less than 4 meter above sea level.


Fur is perfectly situated in the middle of the Lim fjord. The island features dramatic cliffs, formed in the last Ice Age, that drop straight into the fjord. You’ll also find a very cozy harbor on the island, which has its own brewery.



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